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Graduated from National University of Singapore and worked in Banking Industry for more than 10 years. Projack has been ranked TOP author in Tradingview all Time in the past 5 years. Published More than 1700 Trading Ideas and received more than 170,000 Likes.

Being a Professional Trader and a Coach, Jack has successfully developed his own profitable Trading System which combines the advantage of “Harmonic Patterns” “ Supply & Demand” “Price Action” “Fibonacci” “Eliot Waves”.

Through all the years, Jack has devoted himself into Investor Education line and helped thousands of people. Teaching how to fish is more important than giving fish. With more than 5 years preparation and hard work, Jack not only furnish how to build a good trading system but also think how to teach new traders to master. “ The pro-trader Transformation Course “ was officially launched in year 2016 with both English and Chinese versions. Lots of individual traders benefited from this programme. The youngest student is only 17 years old and the eldest student is 73 years old, and they all learnt how to trade professionally from Jack’s course.

Enhance People’s life by helping people to trade professionally is Jack’s Mission and Vision.

Plan your trade and trade your plan

All the Best!

Jack Zhang

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